Crokinole Videos

CrokinoleCentre began in 2008 with a run of the mill camcorder and no experience with editing software. The 2008 World Crokinole Championships marked the tradition of bringing a camera to any and all crokinole tournaments. Thankfully the quality has improved over the years and the CrokinoleCentre YouTube channel now has over 100 videos of the best competitive crokinole action one can find.

The latest CrokinoleCentre production can be viewed here: A promotional video for the 2017 World Crokinole Championship.

A collection of other CrokinoleCentre videos
Promotional Crokinole Videos
2017 World Crokinole Championship
2017 Ontario Singles Crokinole Championship
2017 London Crokinole Tournament
2017 Hamilton Crokinole Tournament
2016 Owen Sound Final
2016 Ontario Doubles Crokinole Championship
2016 New York Final
2016 World Crokinole Championship

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